My name is Martin Stein: After getting my degree, I co-founded a German social network and developed a CMS for the KIT. I was hired as a firefighter to rescue multiple late and critical projects and guide teams towards good code practices. After many years of full-time software consulting, I am now Chief Software Architect at Kaptio.

  • Living in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Freelancing and helping other people with their businesses.
  • You can contact me at [email protected]

I am passionate about:

  • programming. Especially Python, but also TypeScript, C#, F# and Java.
  • startups, business ideas.
  • Keeping things simple. I am convinced that elegance and simplicity is the best way to tackle complex problems. This site should reflect that.

Besides my work I enjoy:

  • photography (somewhere between portraits, architecture and nature).
  • playing my steel-string guitar.
  • watching movies. Drive, Revolutionary Road and The Dark Knight are some of my favorites.